Interior design commision Dalston, Hackney

POND is situated in the heart of east London, where a former Victorian warehouse has been redeveloped as a bar and restaurant, specialising in cocktails and Hawaiian food.

The Hawaiian food has a strong Japanese influence. I wanted to use these two countries as points of origin for the design concept. I looked at the landscape and nature of Hawaii, combining this with traditional Japanese design as my inspiration.

A mountain range of volcano-inspired booth seating was the first element to emerge—a place to enjoy a more intimate dining experience. A lava flow, molten metal, rusted and resined 10 meter long bar, glows throughout the first room and bar.

The hand made furniture within the bar and restaurant received a japanese charring treatment, which blackens and protects the timber. A walnut and brass nut and bolt lighting system weaves through the space, merging with the stainless steel industrial ventilation. This adds an organic, soft aesthetic, inspired by Japanese wooden frameworks and construction methods.

I mix in finishes—from the rubber walls and bespoke concrete sinks, designed and made by Francis&Lowe in the restrooms, which play on the industrial—to materials such as walnut and rusted steel that soften the overall aesthetic.

The mix of cultures within the food and drink is reflected within the design concept.